Gende's Giant

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Gende's Giant
Gende's Giant with Gary Green

Gende's Giant is a Gentle Giant cover band, still playing concerts as of 2010.

See their concert schedule.


  • Mike Gende: bass, violin, recorder, vocals
  • Tom Johnson: guitar, recorder, vocals
  • Phil Smith: keyboards, vocals, arrangements
  • Eric Larson: drums, vocals
  • Spencer Lent: lead vocals, keyboards, percussion, bass

Set list

The 2009 set list was:

  1. Two Weeks In Spain
  2. Cogs In Cogs
  3. Giant
  4. As Old As You're Young
  5. All Through The Night
  6. A Reunion
  7. Funny Ways
  8. Just The Same / Proclamation
  9. Think Of Me With Kindness
  10. Free Hand (song)
  11. It's Only Goodbye
  12. For Nobody
  13. Aspirations
  14. On Reflection
  15. Experience
  16. Mister Class And Quality? / Three Friends



Their YouTube page includes:

Also Dime a Dozen from 18 July 2009.

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