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This is a list of the Gentle Giant Category:memorabilia collected by Geir Hasnes over the years. It traces the history of the band, its popularity and how it was received in various countries.

It is only current as of February 1996.

The list


All UK and US albums with inner sleeves, inserts and/or gatefolds,
except the ordinary US Civilian (I have the promo one with different colours),
and including the two bootlegs and the BBC In Concert transcription disc.

"Gentle Giant": Japanese inlay; Italian cover
"Three Friends": Japanese inlay
"Free Hand": Japanese inlay
"Interview": Japanese inlay
"Playing the Fool": the limited ed. book of the UK album.
"In Concert featuring Gentle Giant": The BBC 4-page guide to presentation
"Circling Round the ..." : Italian compilation
"Superstar" : Italian compilation
"The original studio GG, vol. 1 / vol. 2": Italian compilations

All UK singles with record company sleeves,
except for the "In a Glass House" single, which nobody actually
acknowledges the existence of.
"Playing the Fool - GG on tour" Chrysalis promo EP

Also the Italian "The Advent of Panurge", the German "I'm Turning Around"
and the US orange promo "Words from the Wise".
Photo copies of
Italian "Peel the Paint",
US "Prologue",
Dutch "In a Glass House",
German "Give It Back", US "I'm Turning Around",
German "I'm Turning Around",
Dutch "I'm Turning Around",
German "Mountain Time",
US "Words From the Wise",
US "Words From the Wise" promo,
German "Thank You",
German "All Through the Night".


"Gentle Giant"                  Vertigo promo sheet and photograph
"Three Friends"                 Promo poster of the band at that time b/w
"Three Friends"                 Columbia promo sticker, probably at TF time
"Three Friends" ??              Another promo sticker,Giant's face, time
unknown [copy]
Nov. 1972                       Concert program, Groundhogs with Gentle Giant.
"Octopus"                       Capitol promo octopus
March 1973                      Concert program, Gentle Giant, in Canada. [copy]
March 74 tour                   WWA Promo folder
March 74 tour                   Concert poster
"The Power and the Glory"       Promo poster [copy] and promo playing card
"The Power and the Glory"       Promo poster at that time of the band [copy]
"The Power and the Glory"       Promo color photograph [supposedly for this
"The Power and the Glory"       Capitol promo b/w photograph, another pose
"The Power and the Glory"       Capitol Star Promo newssheet
"Free Hand"                     Chrysalis promo poster
"Free Hand"                     Capitol promo folder [copy]
"Free Hand"                     Capitol promo sticker for Free Hand,
showing a hand
4 Oct. 1975                     Backstage pass, [copy]
Autumn 75 tour                  Concert flyer, presenting Gary Wright and
GG [copy]
Dec. 75 tour                    Chrysalis promo folder, giving reviews of
Free Hand
English Dec. 75 tour            Backstage Pass,
"Interview"                     Chrysalis promo poster
"Interview"                     Chrysalis UK promo folder text & photograph
"Interview"                     Chrysalis Europe promo folder text [copy]
"Interview"                     Capitol promo folder text & photograph
"Interview"                     Off-price sticker for "Interview" [copy]
Apr. - May 1976 tour            Concert program, Gentle Giant with Solution,
Apr. - May 1976 tour            Tour dates sticker
"Playing the Fool"              Capitol promo folder text & photograph
"Giant Edits"                   Photo copy of Capitol promo record, edited
from PTF.
"Playing the Fool - GG on tour" Chrysalis promo EP
"Inside Gentle Giant"           Photo copy of Can. Capitol promo 1-hour
                                documentary record with music and interview.
"The Missing Piece"             Chrysalis promo folder text and photograph
"The Missing Piece"             Chrysalis promo matchsticks [copy]
"The Missing Piece"             Chrysalis Missing Piece promo button
"The Missing Piece"             Missing Piece key ring [copy]
"The Missing Piece"             Capitol promo folder text and photograph
"Giant for a Day"               Chrysalis promo poster
"Giant for a Day"               Capitol promo folder text and photograph
"Giant for a Day"               Three different promo stickers
"Giant for a Day"               Little Brown Bag Capitol promo paper bag [copy]
"Giant for a Day"               Promo Giant lollipop for the bag [copy]
"Giant for a Day"               Promo button
"Giant for a Day"               Promo sheet and poem for the bag
"Words from the Wise"           Promo orange vinyl single for the bag
"Civilian"                      Capitol promo folder text and photograph
"Underground / Convenience"     Photo copy of Capitol promo 12" single
May 80 tour                     Backstage Pass, the US May 80 tour, 15/5/80

Gentle Giant, blue letter paper with printed head and foot
Gentle Giant Productions, brown letter paper with printed head and foot
Group Christmas greeting card [copy]
Alucard Publishing Co. letter paper


Firstly, I list the four main music newspapers of UK. For these, I got an
index from a dealer in the UK, and the ones I have obtained are marked with
an OK. If an article is marked 'nonindex', then it was not given in the
Note that advertisements and small announcements about concerts are not listed.

Melody Maker

28/11/70        lp review       GG: "GG"                        OK (nonindex)
19/12/70        concert review  Colosseum                       OK (nonindex)
14/8/71         lp review       GG: "Acquiring the Taste"       OK
4/12/71         small note      GG [apologizes]                 OK (nonindex)
15/1/72         small Q & A     [Any questions?]                OK (nonindex)
8/4/72          small article   Giant crash                     OK (nonindex)
6/5/72          small article   Giant for Poland                OK (nonindex)
6/5/72          article & pic   Giants' organ                   OK (nonindex)
15/7/72         interview & pic Gentle does it ...              OK
19/8/72         small Q & A     [Any questions?]                OK (nonindex)
2/9/72          small Q & A     [Any questions?]                OK (nonindex)
2/12/72         small article   [In brief]                      OK (nonindex)
9/12/72         lp review       GG: "Octopus"                   OK
30/12/72        small article   GG                              OK (nonindex)
10/2/73         Q & A & pic     [Any questions?]                OK (nonindex)
10/2/73         small article   Giants U. S. tour               OK (nonindex)
24/3/73         small interview & pic   Gently does it ...      OK
2/6/73          small article   Take a giant step               OK (nonindex)
23/6/72         small Q & A     [Any questions?] Giant fans     OK (nonindex)
7/7/73          interview & pic "Bands used to enjoy playing the ..."   OK
1/9/73          article & pics  The Gentle Giant file           OK
????/73         lp review       GG: "In a Glass House"          OK
29/9/73         small Q & A     [Any questions?] Giant steps    OK (nonindex)
6/10/73         concert review  GG                              OK
23/3/74         concert review  GG                              OK
23/11/74        touring info    Giant's big gig                 OK (nonindex)
30/8/75         lp review       GG: "Free Hand"                 OK
27/9/75         concert review  GG                              [OK]
3/4/76          touring info    GG                              OK (nonindex)
8/5/76          interview & pic Giant steps                     OK
22/5/76         concert review  Caught in the act
16/10/76        Q & A           The wit and wisdom of GG        OK (nonindex)
17/9/77         lp review
5/7/80          lp review

New Musical Express

19/9/70         small article   Simon Dupree ...                OK (nonindex)
6/3/71          small art & pic Meet the band                   OK
10/7/71         small article   Big push for Gentle Giant       OK (nonindex)
4/9/71          small article   Gentle Giant's movie            OK (nonindex)
8/4/72 ??       small article   GG hit by drummer's injury      OK (nonindex)
25/11/72        concert review  Groundhogs / Birmingham         OK (nonindex)
23/12/72        small int & pic
3/3/73          small art & pic The sound of a Giant            OK
23/6/73         small article   Giant for hire                  OK
3/11/74         small article   Giant plan giant tour           OK (nonindex)
5/10/74         small article   [Record news]                   OK (nonindex)
30/11/74        small int & pic Bass man on the fiddle          OK
14/12/74        small article   Giant tour off - again          OK (nonindex)
21/12/74        small article   Giant call it off               OK (nonindex)
23/8/75         small article   London comeback by GG           OK (nonindex)
27/9/75         lp review & pic Giant a cert at Newmarket       (miss pic (??))
5/6/76          lp review & pic Mechanical giants still make it OK
l9/3/77         lp review       GG Live (Playing the Fool)      OK
2/4/77          concert review
24/9/77         lp review & pic
7/10/78         lp review

Record Mirror

29/7/72         small int & pic
2/12/72         lp review
6/1/73          interview & pic
14/7/73         small art & pic
29/9/73         concert review
6/9/75          lp review       GG: Free Hand                   [OK]
8/5/76          lp review
15/5/76         concert review
5/2/77          lp review
27/8/77         lp review
30/9/78         lp review       GG: Giant for a Day             OK
28/6/80         lp review


7/8/71          lp review
14/8/71         small art & pic
29/7/72         lp review
5/8/72          small interview
25/11/72        small art & pic
2/12/72         lp review
3/2/73          small art & pic [This is probably the Peacock article   OK]
2/6/73          letter & pic    The jokes over - clean it up    OK (nonindex)
14/7/73         small art & pic
29/9/73         concert review
20/10/73        small int & pic
3/11/73         lp review
16/3/74         interview & pic
23/3/74         concert review
22/6/74         conc rev & pic
6/7/74          interview & pic
21/9/74         lp review & pic Giant stops                     OK
30/11/74        interview & pic
22/3/75         concert review
23/8/75         lp review & pic
13/9/75         lp review       GG: "Free Hand"                 [OK]
27/9/75         interview & pic GG: big feat                    [OK]
27/9/75         concert review  sounds on the road. GG          [OK] (nonind.)
?/12/75         letter & pic    Gentle reward is overdue        OK
1/5/76          interview & pic My scalp was tingling ...       OK
8/5/76          lp rev & con rev
29/1/77         lp review & pic Fool's mate                     OK
12/3/77         interview & pic Don't ring us, we'll ring you   OK
27/8/77         lp review & pic
22/10/77        conc rev & pic  Frankfurters sizzle as Giant turn ...   OK
30/9/78         lp review & pic Songs for swinging loofahs      OK
14/6/80         lp review

Other newspapers and magazines, 1970-1980

newsp??         mid 70                  [newspaper article]
RAVE            late 70 -early 71       5 GG w/pic
newsp??         late 70-early 71        Actually, GG are Baroque and Roll
band w/pic
??              mid 71                  [photograph]
newsp??         late 71                 The Giant's acquired taste w/pic
newsp??         late 71                 Painstaking GG release progressive L.P.
newsp??         late 71                 GG - "Acquiring the Taste"
Sydsvenskan,    12/71                   Dubbelkonsert av Jethro Tull
newsp??         early 72                photograph of band w/ Mortimore
Beat Instr.     July 1972               GG, w/ pic
US newsp.,      Aug-Sep 72 ??           GG Down Pat, concert review,
Nashville 25/8
Billboard       16/9/72                 Talent in Action. concert review,
Nashville 25/8
US newsp..,     ca. Aug.-Sep. 72        GG [notice on their determination
to enjoy the US]
US newsp.,      Sep. 72                 Hollywood - GG: Towering Feeling
US newsp.,      Sep. 72                 GG, concert review, Hollywood Bowl
newsp??         late 72                 Octopus GG
Swed. newsp.    late 72                 GG smått otrolig
newsp??         early 73                gentle giant [probably Sounds/S.
Peacock] w/ pic
CAN newsp.      March 73                15 photographs, some with captions
The Ottawa Citizen, 16/3/73             GG shows strength
Toronto Star,   Mar. 73                 Patience of audience tested at rock show
Montreal Herald Mar. 73                 GG's music is pure trash
US newsp.       early 73                J. Geils, GG Prove Power in S. L.
US newsp.       Apr. 73                 GG appears at Packard Music Hall
Playback (US),  late Apr. 73            Of Rabel.Apes, R.D.Laing, Octopuses
and GGs, w/ pic
Swed. mag.,     late 73                 GG In a Glass House
newsp??         late 73                 notice on tours w/ pic
Italian magazine 1973                   GG In Italia con la casa degli
specchi, w/ pics
Italian magazine 1974                   Classifica dei 33 giri piu` venduti
in Italia
Canadian magazine 1973-74               "Les Petits Genies Meconnus" : GG,
w/ drawing
Sounds (GER),    early-mid 74           GG: Immer noch eine Rock-Band, w/ pic
Musik Express   8/74                    GG von Yes fristlos entlassen
newsp.??        Sep. 74                 A press release, w/ pic
World Pop news  Sep/Oct 74              GG look for more than power and
glory, w/ pic
RAVES           late 74                 Upstarts: GG flirts with power, w/ pics
Pop-Jeunesse (CAN), 25/1/75             GG. La nouvelle tournée du "doux
géant", w/ pics
'Teen (US),     Feb. 75                 Amazing GG creating a legend, w/ pics
Billboard,      Jan. or Feb. 75         GG: Power and glory
Pop-Jeunesse,   8/2/75                  GG au Forum, w/ pics
Daily Aztec,    11/2/75                 Alvin Lee on the way down, GG
steals the show
Good Times,     Mar. 18-31, 75          GG: We consider ourselves
experimental, w/ pics
[Disc           23/8/75                 Albums, album review]
[Music Week     23/8/75                 GG, album review]
Good Times,     Aug. 26-Sep. 8, 75      GG Free Hand (Capitol), w/ pic
Can. newsp.     late Aug. 75            2 pics, about GG at Montreal Autostade
Contemp. Keyboard, 9-10/75              GG [album review of Free Hand]
US newsp.       late 75                 Free Hand - GG (Capitol)
Can. newsp.,    late 75                 GG Free Hand, album review
Pop-Jeunesse,   6/9/75                  L'épopée de GG, w/ pics
Good Times,     Sep. 10-22, 75          GG Free Hand (Capitol), w/ pic
(Yes, another rev.)
Good Times,     Sep. 10-22, 75          GG Calderone, concert review, w/ pic
Pop-Jeunesse,   20/9/75                 GG à Trois-Rivières, w/ pics
[Music Week     27/9/75                 Performance, GG, concert review]
Pop-Jeunesse,   4/10/75                 Interview exclusif avec GG, w/ pics
US newsp.       late Oct. 75            Gentle Giant now hearing a melody
newsp.??        late Oct. 75            Giant hit the road in Britain, w/
pic (MM or NME?)
V. K. (Swed.),  15/11/75                Musikaliska giganter, w/ pic
Can. newsp.     75- 76??                Cahier special GG w/pic [caption
only, art. misses]
Can. newsp.     early 76                Les Meilleurs albums de l`année
US newsp.       late 75 - early 76      Giant success seen in the States
Trouser Press #13, 04/76                Acquiring the Giant taste
newsp??         late Apr.- May 76       Hail, P Sutcliffe
Contemp. Keyboard, 5-6/76               Kerry Minnear Keyboardist/Composer
for GG, w/ pic
[Happy Times,   7/7/76                  GG. Fervently reserving their right
to quality]
Pop-Jeunesse,   10/7/76                 [Advertisement for Interview on Capitol]
US magazine??   mid-76                  GG at large, concert review, w/ pic
Montreal-Matin                          Photograph of GG
Can. mag.       75-76 ??                Entrevue avec Minnear et Shulman, w
/ pics
Contemp. Keyboard, 8/76                 GG, "Interview", album review
Swed. newsp.,   9/76                    Engagerende GG
Göteborgsposten 20/09/76                Bländande spel
V. K. (Swed.),  25/9/76                 Här behövdes öronvadd Š, w/ pic
Fachblatt Music Magazin Jan. 77         The GG was here, w/pics
US newsp. ??                            Photo w/ caption: Giant triumph!
??              77                      Playing the Fool - GG, album rev. w/ pic
It. magazine,   77                      GG w/ pic
The Aquarian,   23/2/77                 Heavy Tread of GG, w/pic
The Montreal Star, 24/2/77              '76 was dog year for Giant, w/ pic
Can newsp.??,   77??                    GG: it's renaissance rock, and it works
The Gazzette, Montreal, 24/2/77         Fans turn out - and on- for Giant
Finnish magazine, 77 ??                 GG: "Me olemme maailman paras
bändi", w/ pic
[The Real Paper, Boston 12/3/77         Concerted efforts: Genesis, GG and
Renais., w/ pic]
Pop Rock,       19/3/77                 GG + Interview Kerry Minnear, w/ pics
[The Lamb, Austin, 3/77                 GG]
Trouser Press,  ??/77                   double take <-> gentle giant, w/ pic.
US ??           ??/77                   GG: Live - Playing the Fool
US ??           ??/77                   [no headline, rev.of Av. Fisher
Hall conc. w/ pic.]
US mag.         ??/77                   Playing the Fool: Official Live GG
Contemp. Keyboard, 4/77                 Kerry Minnear [album review of
Playing the Fool]
LA Free Press,  8/4/77                  Headlining at last
Ventura County Star, 9/4/77             GG grows with experience
Disco expres, Mexico, 13/5/77           Las magnificas voices theŠ ofŠ GG!,
The Daily Texan, Spring 77??            GG: an exercise in taste
[Crawdaddy,     5/77                    Live - Playing the Fool]
[LA Herald Examiner, 4/6/77             Giant Approaching Success, w/ pic]
UK musical newsp. Aug-Sep 77            A giant-size error, rev.
UK musical newsp. Aug-Sep 77            GG: 'The Missing Piece', rev. w/ pic
UK musical newsp. ??                    Ray Shulman...
Trouser Press,  Nov. 77                 GG Gets Punky (Sort of), w/ pic
Pop Rock,       26/11/77                Leur Dernier Spectacle?, w/ pics
Cash Box,       3/12/77                 A Piece of Paradise, w/ pic
Fachblatt Music Magazin Dec. 77         GG, w/ pics
Circus Magazine, Feb. 78                GG Finds 'The Missing Piece', w/ pic
Musician's Guide, Apr. 78               GG, w/ pic
NY newsp. ??,   78                      Great feats of outsize people, w/ pic
Music newsp.,   78 or 79                [Discography and pic]
Triad Magazine, 1/79                    GG, w/ pics.
Pop Rock,       11/8/79                 GG. La discographie complète
US newsp.       May 80                  GG. Interesting but cavalier
Can newswp.??,  80                      Photograph
US newsp. ??,   May 80                  A glimpse of Giant's musicality
The Good Times, 10/06/80                GG Belongs With The Boys, w/ pic

Articles in books, newspapers and magazines, 1970-1980

A German book,          19??            4 articles on Interview and
transcription of Design
The Mighty Shadow, book ??              [a section describing Graham Bond
meeting GG]
G. Rebscher: Materialen zum Unterrichten in Popularmusik, German book, 19??:
                                        a section: GG: The Queen
A. Moore: Rock. The Primary Text:       Two sections where GG is treated
Blue Moon, UCLA mag,    May 81          A Faltering Giant
Buzz,                   Jan. 86         Artists profile: Kerry Minnear
Record Collector #80,   Apr. 86         Simon Dupree and the Big Sound
Goldmine mag.,          9/9/88          GG. Power and Glory
Japanese mag,           ??              GG. Golden Avantgarde
On Reflection #1/1,     Feb. 89         Afterglow: Derek Shulman
On Reflection #1/3,     Apr. 89         Letter from Derek; GG. Important
and imported
On Reflection #1/4,     May 89          GG; Collector's Guide to Their
Catalog II
On Reflection #1/5,     June 89         Compact Giant!; A Final Foray into
the Den of theG.
On Reflection #1/6,     July 89         The Missing Piece(s)
On Reflection #1/11,    Dec. 89         Line head denies Giant error
On Reflection #2/5,     June 90         New CDs: Gentle improvements, Giant
On Reflection #2/12,    Jan. 91         On reflection - literally
On Reflection later changed its name to Progression, with less GG content
Q magazine,             Aug. 89         Where are they now? GG
Record Collector# 137,  Jan. 91         Gentle Giant
Sonar #37,              8/8/91          GG. Memoria del gigante
A New Day #30,          Aug. 91         The relationship between GG and
Jethro Tull
English fanzine,        92-93 ??        On Reflection. John Pugwash Weathers
The Welsh Connection, var. issues. This was the Man fanzine and brought
reports on              John Weathers, w/ lots of pic. Some 22 issues,
The Little Express, #35                 Early Music and XTC, mentions GG
The Little Express, #37, Win. 94        Pics of Gary Green at XTC
convention; GG and XTC
Nöjet (Swed.),          8/6/94          Fansen betalar deras comeback, w/ pic
Illinois newsp.,        July 1994       Big Hello, Wee Knight Warriors, w/ pic
Q magazine,             Sep. 94         Techno! Techno!, incl. section on GG
Musician,               Mar. 95         Sleeping with the enemy, incl.
interv. w/ Derek
Topodrilo #38,          3-4/95          La hermandad del Gigante
Raro!                   07-08/95        Proclamation: Il mito dei GG
Q magazine,             Nov. 95         Internet, untangling nets and webs,
w/section on GG

Separate works

Gerhard Zimmermann,     1976:           GG - ein Kapitel Rock-Kunst,
University diss.
Charles K. Snider,      1978            The Power and the Glory, pamphlet story.
David Armas,            1993            Free Hand new CD edition message card
Michael Middleton,      1994            The Genealogy of Giants, 1-page
David Armas,            1994            GG christmas card

Proclamation, The Occasional Gentle Giant Magazine, #1, 2, 3, 4, 1992-date.

Printouts from On-reflection, the Internet discussion list for GG fans,
since 1994, in 2 binders.


Complete album lyric sheets with revisions as to what is actually sung,, by
A. Dover
The lyrics to The Power and the Glory single
The lyrics to Heroes

Proclamation complete transcriptions: On Reflection, Acquiring the Taste,
So Sincere
Proclamation analyses with transcriptions in part: Black Cat, Raconteur
Troubadour, Pantagruel's Nativity, So Sincere

Gerhard Zimmermann: GG - ein Kapitel Rock-Kunst: transcriptions in part of
Giant, Funny Ways, Alucard, Nothing at All, Why Not?, Pantagruel's
Nativity, Edge of Twilight, The House. the Street, the Room, Black Cat,
Prologue, School Days, Working All Day, The Advent of Panurge, Knots, A Cry
for Everyone, The Boys in the Band.

Kerry's notebook, written parts of On Reflection, His Last Voyage, live
intro to Cogs in Cogs, Talybont etc.

Three Friends (complete)
Knots (complete)
The Runaway (part)
Experience (incomplete)
Proclamation (part)
So Sincere (complete)
Just the Same (incomplete)
Free Hand (part)
Design (complete)
I Lost My Head (incomplete)
The Missing Piece, copyright sheets for songs, with lyrics, melody lines
and chords


Transfer colour image of giant's head, to be ironed on t-shirt
In a Glass House cover t-shirt by Terrapin Truckin, 1992
The Power and the Glory promo folder double playing card image by Rick
Stoner, 1994


From various concerts
From studio work
From life on the road
Various private shots
Of Tal-Y-Bont road sign