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For other uses of "gargantua", see gargantua (disambiguation).

About The Album

This concert performance was recorded in Germany on 21 January 1972. It was released in Italy on CD in 1991, from tape.

Track List

  1. Alucard (6:27) -- mistakenly called "Giant"
  2. Funny Ways (8:29)
  3. Nothing At All (11:43)
  4. Plain Truth (8:35)
  5. The Queen (1:40)


(Instruments are as given in the liner notes. Most likely, the musicians played more of them.)

Gary Green - lead guitar

Kerry Minnear - keyboard, backing vocals

Derek Shulman - lead vocals

Phil Shulman - saxes, trumpet, backing vocals, lead vocals

Ray Shulman - bass guitar, violin, backing vocals

Malcolm Mortimore - drums, percussion


From back of the liner notes:

Gargantua over.jpg