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Video Information:
Title: GG at the GG
Artist: Gentle Giant
Year: 2006
Medium: DVD
Type: official release

GG at the GG was Gentle Giant's second official video release. It contains a CD and a DVD.

The DVD contains:

  1. Original menu music by Kerry Minnear. It uses John Weathers's recorded drumming, lifted from the band's multitracks by Dan Bornemark.
  2. The BBC Sight & Sound concert, Golders Green Hippodrome, London, January 5th, 1978:
    1. Two Weeks In Spain
    2. Free Hand
    3. On Reflection
    4. I'm Turning Around
    5. Just The Same
    6. Playing the Game
    7. Memories Of Old Days
    8. Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It
    9. JP Weathers presents
    10. Funny Ways
    11. For Nobody
    12. Mountain Time
  3. ITN House, London, April 24, 1976:
    1. Interview
    2. Give It Back
    3. I Lost My Head
  4. In and around Capitol Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles, 1978:
    1. Words From The Wise
    2. Thank You
    3. Giant For A Day
  5. The Old Grey Whistle Test, Drury Lane Theater, London, November 26, 1974. It includes "Octopus Medley."
  6. Gallery 1 (live shots and memorabilia from Gary Green's collection)
  7. Munster, Germany: April 5, 1974: handheld Super 8 footage by Martin Buntrock, filmed at Halle Munsterland.
  8. Gallery 2 (more live shots and memorabilia from Gary Green's collection)