First Gentle Giant poster

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First Gentle Giant poster.jpg

A photo of the first Gentle Giant concert poster appeared on (of all places) a Volkswagen web site in 2015. Thanks to Jack Skelly for noticing it!

Notice how the singer is named Simon Dupree!

Fan Steve Hall says:

SocScene was the name used by the Entertainments committee at Portsmouth Polytechnic Student's Union to promote live events. Union House in St.Pauls Rd. was the Students Union building that housed the actual venue - Union House Hall (or UHH). The capacity was officially around 150 but some shows could have double that. I was a member of the committee from 1976-79 and witnessed many wonderful bands there, and actually met Ray and Phil and got them to sign a pile of albums when Damon Shulman's band Chaos played there circa 1977 or 8.