Face Dancer

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From: Alan Williams
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 13:28:17 +0000
Subject: gg: Gentle Giant Ballads

In Georgetown, outside of Washington DC, in a club called the Bayou, Summer 1976, I wander in with the horn section of the disco band I am in, "White Rose" (yuck!) and see local legend "Face Dancer". As I marvel at the first see-through blouses I ever saw, and drink my very first $5.00 beer, the band launches into Disco Lady by Johnny Taylor. The dance floor fills...the band looks smug and pass quick looks among themselves...suddenly...on the Mini-Moog...

Dah dah dah dada....

Yes. It's a medley of 'Disco Lady' and 'Playing the Game'. The dancers continue, digging the beat. I? I flip. The single 'ballsiest' move I have ever seen from a club band, to this day.