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For other uses of "Experience", see Experience (disambiguation).

About the Album

Released by Disky Communications, number SI 640 402, this is an odd repackaging of the King Biscuit Flower Hour CD. It features the same tracks in a different order.

Joerg Weinert writes:

Total running time is 44:52 minutes.

The booklet has no details about the recording date or venue, but the material is almost the same as the King Biscuit Flower Hour CD. There are some differences however. Here we go.

Disky cut up the songs from "Excerpts from Octopus," tracks 1 and 5. They also did it with the "Glass House" tracks 3 and 7, which were torn apart with no good reason! Don't know why. Sounds a bit strange when you know this concert.

Originally there was an announcement of Derek in front of the "Glass House" medley saying "Hello" to the New York audience and saying something about the release of In A Glass House in the states. This is missing on the Disky release (about 35 seconds).

At the beginning of "Funny Ways" on the dutch CD, one can hear Derek saying something like "thank you very much." These words do not appear on the King Biscuit release; maybe due to splitting the songs and putting them together again, these words were mixed into it at the wrong place. I don't know.

Fans have reported that some tracks were mastered at slightly the wrong speed, so buyer beware. The original King Biscuit album may be preferable.

Track List

  1. Knots
  2. Proclamation
  3. Experience
  4. Funny Ways
  5. The Advent of Panurge
  6. So Sincere
  7. The Runaway