Do It Rock on Vertigo

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Album Information:
Title: Do It Rock on Vertigo
Artist: various artists
Year: 1971
Type: official release
sampler album

About The Album

A Japanese vinyl, multi-artist, double-album compilation featuring one Gentle Giant track, Nothing At All. Released by Vertigo as number SFL-9081-2.


Track List

Side 1:

  1. Black Sabbath, "Paranoid"
  2. Black Sabbath, "Fairies Wear Boots"
  3. Gracious, "Introduction"
  4. Patto, "Hold me Back"
  5. Graham Bond, "The Magician"

Side 2:

  1. Manfred Mann Chapter Three, "Happy Being Me"
  2. Affinity, "Three Sisters"
  3. May Blitz, "I Don't Know?"

Side 3:

  1. Nucleus, "Song For the Bearded Lady"
  2. Rod Stewart, "Country Comfort"
  3. Assagi, "Telephone Girl"
  4. Gentle Giant: "Nothing At All"

Side 4:

  1. Ian Matthews, "Hearts"
  2. Warhorse, "Vulture Blood"
  3. Gravy Train, "Enterprise"
  4. Keith Tippett, "This Is What Happens"