Derek Shulman interview in Finnish magazine

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This interview with Derek Shulman was submitted by Petri Heinonen (thanks!) after he discovered it in an unidentified Finnish magazine. He writes: "The story was based on 55 minute telephone conversation, so it's quite long - I don't have guts to translate the whole damn thing (it's written in Finnish). Anyway here's some excerpts that I found interesting...."

The interview

Q: You have composed music to the movie "The Adventures of Robin Hood". Would you tell something about that?

Derek: We have been asked many times to make scores to films...About this Robin Hood a matter of fact, I'm not sure if they are using our music. We did the theme-melody which is "Talybont" from "Free Hand."

Q: How about "On Reflection" from the same LP, has it anything to do with that movie?

Derek: No. We have a couple of songs in stock for the Robin Hood but they are still sort of up in the air.

[[[Dan]]'s note: more Robin Hood music appeared on Under Construction].

Q: "Has Giant's music been printed yet?"

Derek: "Yes. I don't read or produce notes myself [re.who reads?] but Kerry does, and he has told that they look pretty interesting [laughing]. Having seen our music printed many people have came to us suggesting a co-operation. For example The Symphony Orchestra of Cinncinnati is one of those. We met them as we were touring in the US and they wanted us to build a big orchestral concept around one our albums [he did not mention which one] and then touring with them around the globe. Anyway, we have cancelled all these sort of events before our band has made a breakthrough in a really large scale..."