Dead Dino Storage

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Dead Dino Storage is a Norwegian band that covered some Gentle Giant music. Known recordings include:

Review by Sven Eriksen

Mon, 25 Aug 1997 12:08:56 +0100

Just recovering from the exhaustion of being part of the organisation team for the first Norwegian progressive festival. I'm definitely not 40 anymore.

We had four bands, two Swedish (Anekdoten and Landberk), one British (Arena) and one Norwegian, (Dead Dino Storage), young music students playing covers of the old masterworks. They did two GG songs, "The Runaway" and "Peel The Paint" (complete with violins, 2 young ladies hardly over 20 years of age. Better looking than Ray, but they did not match his eyebrow gymnastics). Perfectly played, and great fun. Geir was raving, said they alone were worth the trip from Trondheim. BTW, the concert was videofilmed (by the same crew who have made the "Progfest" videos).