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From: Jeff Oliver
Subject: gg: Convenience (PP content)
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 03:25:25 -0500

We were asked:

>tell me, how do you organize your CD's?

We were told

>I would say that the primary factor should be convenience

I don't have any CDs in my convenience[1] - I keep mine near the CD player. As to organisation, that's easy. The prog ones are filed under "p" and the popular under "p". Any others that I can't categorise, I put under "m" for miscellaneous, except that I don't have an "m" so I put them under "p". Once that's done, I put them in order of the artists' shoe size. For bands with more than one member, I take the shoe size of the left-handed band member, which does present a problem for Abbey Road. All 12" CDs have special box of their own, as do the non-circular ones. Oh, and pink CDs are filed under "p".

Why this should be causing you all such a problem when there is such a simple system I can't imagine.

"Plastic, plastic, take the modern way"
refers to the trend away from the traditional porcelain.
"Everything is clean and easy"
means that he has found a readily accessible public lavatory with good standards of hygiene.
"It's for you, for me too"
is clearly a reference to men's urinals which are commonly able to accommodate a number of users simultaneously.
"Just believe me, it runs like a big machine. It's just for me, can't you see"
Of course, this is a prophetic allusion to the modern "Superloo" style toilet, where each user enters a sealed automated cubicle to conduct their solitary business.

Also on the same album, "Underground" is a further reference to the habit of placing public conveniences beneath the sidewalks of our towns. And of course there's "Number One". I don't think I want to discuss "Inside Out".

I hope that's now clear to you all.

Jeff Oliver


  1. Non-Brits please note. "Convenience" is a euphemism for a public toilet. I'm sure you understood that this is what Derek is singing about in the GG song.