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A story about Gentle Giant and the Commodore Amiga computer.

One day when I was discussing with a friend about Gentle Giant, I remembered how I first saw Gentle Giant lyrics, in a rather (if you'll excuse the expression) funny way.

Many years ago, when I still had an Amiga, I once acquired a cracked copy (bad bad me!) of a tennis game. As the game was loading, there was a cracker message on the screen, and the message was actually a quote from Peel The Paint! (The first half of the song, up to "Peel the paint, look underneath, you'll see the same old savage beast".)

When I acquired Three Friends about a year ago and read the lyrics on the album cover I started wondering why do these lyrics sound so familiar. I was rather amazed when I remembered this cracker message - I always had a stereotypic picture of crackers as dance/techno-loving youths, and was positively surprised to find out that there is (or was) someone out there who liked good music as well.

- Mikko Alapuro