Champions of Rock

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(Alternative title: Legend)

About the Album

This CD compilation is in the "Champions of Rock" series from Disky Communications, a Dutch label. It contains tracks from Free Hand, In'terview, The Missing Piece, and Giant for a Day, for 77 minutes of music.

NOTE: A fan has reported that all the tracks included from Giant for a Day were mastered at the wrong speed -- they are too slow and half a step low in pitch. (Thanks to Mikko Pellinen for this report.)

Track List

  1. Interview
  2. I Lost My Head
  3. Empty City
  4. Words From The Wise
  5. Giant For A Day
  6. I'm Turning Around
  7. Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It
  8. Mountain Time
  9. Rock Climber
  10. Free Hand
  11. Time To Kill
  12. Give It Back
  13. As Old As You're Young
  14. Winning
  15. It's Only Goodbye
  16. His Last Voyage