Anthology 1970-1978 video CD

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Video Information:
Title: Anthology 1970-1978 video CD
Artist: Gentle Giant
Year: 2001
Medium: video CD
Type: unofficial

We have seen on eBay a bootleg collection on video CD, with this description:

THE UK PROGRESSIVE ROCK BAND GENTLE GIANT IN A 128 minutes ANTHOLOGY. THIS VCD DISC 1 INCLUDES : A BONUS Documentary from the pre-Gentle Giant band which featured Derek Shulman and Ray Shulman and the following Live tracks : FUNNY WAYS(Gentle Giant 1st Album), KNOTS and THE ADVENT OF PANURGE(Octopus), THE RUNAWAY and EXPERIENCE(In A Glass House), PROCLAMATION, SO SINCERE, COGS IN COGS and PLAYING THE GAME(POWER AND THE GLORY). THIS VCD DISC 2 INCLUDES the following Live tracks : FUNNY WAYS(Gentle Giant 1st Album), KNOTS(Octopus), JUST THE SAME, ON REFLECTION, FREE HAND(Free Hand), INTERVIEW(Interview), TWO WEEKS IN SPAIN, BETCHA TOUGHT WE COULDN’T DO IT, MOUNTAIN TIME, MEMORIES OF OLD DAYS, FOR NOBODY(Missing Piece), WORDS FROM THE WISE, GIANT FOR A DAY(Giant For A Day). Special feature : Tracks selection MENU. Running time is 128 minutes. The Quality is from good to very good. VCD's are Playable on any PC or Mac with VideoCD playback software or Plays on most of consumer DVD/VCD/CDR players.