A Reflection

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Album Information:
Title: A Reflection: Yet More Music
Inspired By and In Tribute to Gentle Giant
Artist: various artists
Year: 2008
Type: official release
tribute album

The third GORGG CD of original music by Gentle Giant fans and GORGG attendees.

The title comes from the song On Reflection.


  1. Playing the Boys
  2. Wood Nymphs
  3. Four Doors
  4. Giantessence
  5. Fanfare
  6. Echoes of Portsmouth
  7. Off Bass
  8. Preludia
  9. Chalk Farm
  10. Islandia: Departure/Nightfall At Sea/Sunrise
  11. We're Not Home (Extended Version)
  12. Attitudes and Lonelitudes
  13. The Rose
  14. House On a Hill
  15. Allegro Assi
  16. Test 5.5
  17. Giantology
  18. Libertée
  19. Naissance
  20. Still As Young As I'm Old
  21. We're Not Home

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