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These radio shows reportedly play Gentle Giant regularly. Presented in alphabetical order.

  • Alien Soundtracks, hosted by John Kern, on WMNF in Tampa, Florida frequently plays Gentle Giant. He's on 2:00-4:00am on the fourth Monday each month. Once he even did a GG special for 2 hours on the primetime (9-11PM) experimental music show, and it got a good response.
  • The Astral Cafe.
  • Babes in Quicksand on WOWL.
  • Dinosaur Days (South Africa).
  • Dreams Wide Awake.
  • Gagliarchives features Gentle Giant on 88.9 WBZC (Philadelphila, South Jersey, the short, and Northern Delaware). "We played Three Friends on the anniversary of its release. 74 [telephone] calls followed."
  • iRock, an online radio show broadcasting on the Internet.
  • KZSU Stanford, did a GG show with special guest Professor Robert Harrison, a long-time GG fan.
  • ProgPositivity Radio proudly plays Gentle Giant's music on their 24/7 stream.  Further demonstrating a manic dedication to the genius of the Giant, tracks from various GG tribute projects are also featured.  Always on the lookout for music by bands that have been influenced by the mighty GG, they also play tracks by artists as diverse and talented as Advent, Et Cetera (Canada), Et Cetera (Denmark), Modest Midget, Biffyshrew!, Mike Keneally, Echolyn, Freehand, Yezda Urfa, Beardfish, Focus, Cathedral, Van der Graaf, and many, many more.
  • The Progressive Underground plays Gentle Giant.
  • Radio Free Kansas, featuring copious progressive rock over the Internet. (Java is required to visit this site.)
  • "Mark From Holland" on Radio Heemskerk plays Gentle Giant. Phil Shulman was a special guest on Mark's 250th show. (Thanks to Mark C. Deren.)
  • Radio InfoWeb plays Gentle Giant "several times a day -- MINIMUM -- along with related progrock bands."
  • RetroActive in Canada from Julian Belanger.
  • Rock Around The World featured Gentle Giant in the 1970s on shows number 20 (12/22/74), 30 (3/2/75) and 50 (7/20/75).
  • Triad, a radio show that featured progressive rock artists like Gentle Giant.
  • The Trip a program run by Clay Gaunce on WRFL-FM (Radio Free Lexington), programs progressive rock exclusively, concentrating on Gentle Giant.
  • UK70s Prog Rock Greats plays a lot of Gentle Giant.
  • Watcher Of The Skies runs every Sunday night on KMJX Magic 105.1 FM at 9:00pm Central Time, for approximately 30 minutes. The DJ is GG fan James "JJW" Warren who goes by the nickname "Wil Warren." It's a prerecorded program played in the middle of the legendary Beaker Street radio program with "Clyde Clifford."
  • WDR2, a German radio station, ran a weekly show, "In Between," from January 1973 to March 1995. The Boys In The Band was the intro to the show until 1981 or 1982. The guy behind the microphone was Michael Rosenberg (aka Michael Berg) and he played GG for about 8-9 years. He played "In a Glass House", "Interview" and "Free Hand" but there was never a feature about GENTLE GIANT. He says that he lost interest in GG after he attended a concert at the Philippshalle in Dusseldorf. (Thanks to Joachim Wunschick.)