Classics and Rarities 1969-1973 Volume One

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Album Information:
Title: Classics and Rarities 1969-1973 Volume One
Artist: various artists
Year: 1990
Type: official release
sampler album

About the Album

A multi-artist compilation CD (Vertigo 846 522-2) including one Gentle Giant track, Plain Truth.

The liner notes say: "Formed in 1970 out of Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, Gentle Giant were in my estimation one of the most interesting and underrated bands from the progressive era. Each of their four swirl releases are a joy to the ear. Enjoyed good success in the USA where several of their albums charted. Good to see that at least two of the Shulman brothers are very successful in the music business today, in the areas of production and A&R."

Track List

  1. May Blitz - For Madmen Only
  2. Ronno - Powers Of Darkness
  3. Black Sabbath - NIB
  4. Clear Blue Sky - Rocket Ride
  5. Freedom - Through The Years
  6. Juicy Lucy - Who Do You Love
  7. Warhorse - Back In Time
  8. Colosseum - The Kettle
  9. Rod Stewart - Street Fighting Man
  10. Hokus Poke - Hag Rag
  11. Cressida - To Play Your Little Game
  12. Gracious - Introduction
  13. Beggars Opera - Freestyle Ladies
  14. Gentle Giant - Plain Truth