Azrael's Tear (album)

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Album Information:
Title: Azrael's Tear
Artist: Gentle Giant
Year: 2003
Type: unofficial

About The Album


This bootleg from "Pantagruel and Octopus, Inc.", number P&OCD006, contains music from the videogame of the same name. It comes as a 3 inch CD-R in a heavy tin box. A fan says, "The quality is quite listenable just taken from a tape I suppose!? Duration is about 20 minutes and just fits onto this format." The first four tracks have been officially released on disc 3 of Scraping the Barrel. The last track, "Never Asking," is probably "Flower Arranging," also from Scraping the Barrel, since its lyrics include "Never asking, never ask." (Thanks to Ray Parrott.)

Track List

  1. Really Don't
  2. Heavens Tear
  3. You Make Me Very Happy
  4. Living in a Restaurant
  5. Never Asking