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About The Album

This is an Italian bootleg released on Raid Masters Records, number RAID910705. It was also released on TAKRL (The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label) in the late 1970's, number TAKRL 1983. According to the liner notes, it was "recorded on stage in October 1975 at the newly refurbished Anytown Aquarium Of The People at the corner of Telephone and Telephone." (Some copies say "Telephone and Telephony.")

The recording was made at the White Plains Music Hall, White Plains, New York, on October 7, 1975, not in Baltimore MD as is sometimes claimed. The same show has been released on CD as Ultrasonic 75 and Live in New York 1975.

A listener reports: "My vinyl number is TAKRL 1983, the cover has a light-green (not yellow) and black picture, and according to my liner notes, it was 'Telephone and Telephony.'"

A listener reports: "The sound quality on this rare release is incredible. Close up and personal Giant, in front of only a couple hundred people. The cd is an Italian import. I remember seeing this one on vinyl. The audience laughs a bit when they start breaking the glass. Its one of those records, like the Genesis boots, with a pink and black or yellow and black picture, and details below the picture in weird scribble-y typeface. I paid $25 (US) for this, and it would be worth twice that."

The cover image was allegedly taken from the June 6, 1975 issue of Rolling Stone, where the picture accompanied an article called "One Foot in St. Petersburg." The article is supposedly about the plight of retirees who can't survive on Social Security -- hence the government check on the man's chest. (Thanks to Biffy the Elephant Shrew for this trivia.) The photograph was probably taken by the famous Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn. (Thanks to Jos Geluk.)

The TAKRL LP has an interesting LP label, which claims to be from "Worlds Records" and lists five songs on each side, with cliche titles like "I'm So Happy", "Night People" and "Looking Back."

Other recordings of this concert

Date discrepancy

This recording was previously believed to be from October 3, 1975. However, fan Nick Sudbury has identified the correct date as October 7 by the following analysis:

Therefore, Endless Life is most likely the October 3 show, and the other three discs are from October 7.

Track List

  1. Cogs in Cogs
  2. Funny Ways
  3. The Runaway / Experience
  4. So Sincere
  5. Free Hand
  6. Just The Same