Worship the King

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Album Information:
Title: Worship the King
Artist: The Reapers
Year: 1981
Type: official release

About the Album

Worship The King is a 14-song cassette by The Reapers featuring Kerry Minnear.


Side one:

  1. Worship The King
  2. Awake Awake O Zion, For I'm Building a people of power
  3. How lovely is thy dwelling Place
  4. For We See Jesus
  5. I Love Your Lord
  6. I Will Call Upon The Lord, I Will Extol You My God and My King

Side two:

  1. I'm Forgiven
  2. You Shall Go Out With Joy, Though Our God We Shall Do Valiantly
  3. Your Steadfast Love
  4. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus, Jesus King Of Kings, Worthy Art Thou
  5. The Greatest Thing
  6. Sing Unto The Lord, Emmanuel
  7. Majesty
  8. Lion Of Judah