Top 10 reasons not to listen to Gentle Giant

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Extasia writes about the Top Ten Reasons Why I Don't Listen to Gentle Giant.

10. Won't listen to a group represented by a giant who moonlighted for a vegetable company and had a sidekick named "Little Sprout"

9. Could not find them on Saturday Night Fever soundtrack

8. Never saw them on Soul Train

7. Band once toured with Jethro Tull of the Beverly Hillbillies (Ellie May would have made a much prettier back-up singer)

6. Band members never did gigs with the E Street Band

5. Parallel fifths

4. Did they ever have a hit like "You Light Up My Life"?

3. No way to incorporate Letterman into a Gentle Giant list

2. Band never quite mastered the I-IV-V-I progression

1. Three words: too many notes