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[{{fullurl:Template:News|action=watch}} <small>Receive news alerts (requires login)</small>]
[{{fullurl:Template:News|action=watch}} <small>Receive news alerts (requires login)</small>]
* 2010-12-18: Diana Green is [http://www.lulu.com/product/calendar/gentle-giant-calendar-2011/14315296 selling GG calendars] for 2011.
* 2011-05-21: [[Gary Green]] and [[Malcolm Mortimore]] will be playing with [[Ibrido Hot Six]] in Italy in June, 2011. [[Ibrido Hot Six|See dates]].
* 2010-12-09: [[John Weathers]] is in the [[Modern Drummer|January 2011 issue of ''Modern Drummer'' magazine]].
* 2010-10-11: [[Damon Shulman]]'s new album, ''Yard Time'', is available for [http://damonshulman.bandcamp.com/ download].
* 2010-07-15: [http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-13083-Philadelphia-Rock-Music-Examiner~y2010m6d17-Interview-with-legendary-prog-guitarist-Gary-Green-Gentle-GiantThree-Friends Interview with Gary Green] at examiner.com.
* 2010-06-09: A bug was preventing articles with "&" in their titles from being displayed. Now fixed.
* 2010-05-20: The site has a new home page look and a new icon, thanks to Chad Bruce!
* 2010-05-18: Interview with [[Ray]] at the [http://www.wewillrockyoublog.com/ We Will Rock You blog]: [http://www.wewillrockyoublog.com/2010/05/13/interview-with-ray-shulman-from-gentle-giant-part-one/ part 1], [http://www.wewillrockyoublog.com/2010/05/18/interview-with-ray-shulman-from-gentle-giant-part-two/ part 2]
* 2010-04-28: [[Gary]] and [[Malcolm]] will [[Ibrido Hot Six|appear]] with [[Ibrido Hot Six]] in Italy in May.
* 2010-04-08: Another [[Three Friends (band)|Three Friends]] gig confirmed, this time in New York City.
* [[Template talk:News|Older announcements]]
* [[Template talk:News|Older announcements]]
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