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| year=1974
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| medium=TV

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Video Information:
Title: Television Belge
Artist: Gentle Giant
Year: 1974
Medium: TV
Type: unofficial

This has been officially released as Giant On The Box.

I've heard of broadcasts appearing in 1975, 1976, and 1977. Additionally, the audio recording has been bootlegged as Playing for Fools. The show was reportedly broadcast on several TV stations in Europe:

  • Germany, August 10 1975: On ZDF's Sonntags Konzert. (This show usually broadcast German and European folk music. Supposedly the regular viewers complained, and never again did the show play modern music.)
  • Belgium, January 1976: Probably on RTBF, on a Saturday afternoon.
  • Germany, 1976 or 1977: On a Sunday morning, on a program that usually broadcasts classical music. (The words Ohne Filter are displayed: is this the name of a TV show?) [Note: this might be the Sonntags Konzert show, misremembered.]
  • The Netherlands, 1976 or 1977: On a Saturday afternoon, possibly on VARA television.

(Thanks to Alexander Kutsche, Marcel Rutten, Kevin Halpin, Patrick Degallaix, R. E. Faust, Fred Rosenkamp, and some anonymous fans.)