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[{{fullurl:Template:News|action=watch}} <small>Receive news alerts (requires login)</small>]
* 2021-02-03: We finally have the full [[Ray Shulman interview in Goldmine]], thanks to [[Jack Skelly]]!
* 2013-06-19: A 5-CD compilation, [[Memories Of Old Days (album)|Memories Of Old Days]], is coming out this summer on Parlophone.
* 2020-12-25: A recently discovered [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29LaIgk0mpc backstage interview] from 1980!
* 2013-02-25: The [[{{store URL}}|GG store has reopened]].
* 2020-10-04: My neuroscientist wife has a new book, ''[https://lisafeldmanbarrett.com/books/seven-and-a-half-lessons-about-the-brain/?t=FdMeY6AVdg Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain]'', a collection of short essays about that amazing gray blob between your ears. Her previous book was on [https://lisafeldmanbarrett.com/?t=s1g9wJkYSD the secret life of the brain], titled ''[https://lisafeldmanbarrett.com/?t=RefpYzgMOP How Emotions are Made]''. Very proud husband!
* 2012-09-02: [[Damon Shulman]] has a new EP out with his band, [[The Bending Space]].
* 2012-07-19: [[Three Friends (band)|Three Friends]] has a [{{Three Friends URL}} new web site]
* [[Template talk:News|Older announcements]]
* [[Template talk:News|Older announcements]]
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