Rare Collection DVD

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Video Information:
Title: Rare Collection DVD
Artist: Gentle Giant
Year: 2001
Medium: DVD
Type: unofficial

Rare Collection is bootleg on the Highland label (Video Master HVC-006), approximate time 110 minutes. Image quality is reported to be "extremely bad" but the audio quality is "not bad." Tracks include:

  1. Knots
  2. Interview
  3. Giant For A Day
  4. Rare Live From Silent Films
  5. Thinking About My Life (Simon Dupree)
  6. I See The Light (Simon Dupree)
  7. Day Time Night Time (Simon Dupree)
  8. "Man Alive" Documentary (Simon Dupree)
  9. Aspirations
  10. Cogs In Cogs
  11. Proclamation / Funny Ways
  12. The Runaway / Experience
  13. Excerpts From Octopus
  14. So Sincere