Out of the Fire

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About the Album

This 2-CD set contains two BBC live concerts from 1973 and 1978. The 1973 concert is previously unreleased. The 1978 concert is the same one released as In Concert, but it is complete (including Funny Ways) and has the songs in the right order.

The album was released on HUX Records.

Original liner notes by John Weathers and Geir Hasnes.

Reportedly, the introduction by Pete Drummond was edited. The complete text is:

Hello and welcome to Radio 1's [[and Sound] In Concert which you can hear on 247 metres on the Medium wave, in stereo on the Radio 2 VHF network, between 88 and 91 MegaHertz, and, [of course, you can see it on BBC2 in colour. And, as a special first for tonight's show, we're broadcasting in Quadraphonic so, those of you that have got a BBC H-matrix quadraphonic decoder, well.. you're very lucky and if you've got four ears you're luckier still!]] It's also a first because tonight's guests haven't been on the show before and they also haven't played in England for the last two and a half years so it definitely is quite an occasion so would you welcome, please, with their last single, which was called 'Two Weeks in Spain', Gentle Giant! (Thanks to "SFJSmith.")


Gary Green

Kerry Minnear

Derek Shulman

Ray Shulman

John Weathers

Track List

Disc One:

Disc Two: