On-Reflection mailing list

For other uses of "On Reflection", see On Reflection (disambiguation).

On-Reflection is an Internet mailing list for hundreds of Gentle Giant fans who have formed a friendly community. Topics range from Gentle Giant (of course) to other bands to just about any other topic. The members even meet in person once a year, an event they call GORGG.

List format

There are two ways to read On-Reflection.

  • The regular mailing list receives messages immediately as they are posted.
  • The digest mailing list receives only one or two emails per day, containing all the day's messages packaged together.

Subscribing to the mailing list

Visit https://lists.uoregon.edu/mailman/listinfo/on-reflection to subscribe. You can choose to receive daily digests or individual messages.

Posting messages

After subscribing, email your messages to:



Visit https://lists.uoregon.edu/mailman/listinfo/on-reflection to manage your subscription, including unsubscribing.


Bob Parker runs the mailing list. It was created by Malcolm Smith in 1994, and later run by G. J. Goldwyn.