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On-Reflection mailing list

For other uses of "On Reflection", see On Reflection (disambiguation).

On-Reflection is an Internet mailing list for hundreds of Gentle Giant fans who have formed a friendly community. Topics range from Gentle Giant (of course) to other bands to just about any other topic. The members even meet in person once a year, an event they call GORGG.

List format

There are two ways to read On-Reflection.

  • The regular mailing list receives messages immediately as they are posted.
  • The digest mailing list receives only one or two emails per day, containing all the day's messages packaged together.

Subscribing to the mailing list

Visit to subscribe. You can choose to receive daily digests or individual messages.

Posting messages

After subscribing, email your messages to:



Visit to manage your subscription, including unsubscribing.


Bob Parker runs the mailing list. It was created by Malcolm Smith in 1994, and later run by G. J. Goldwyn.