Malcolm Mortimore

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Name: Malcolm Mortimore
Born: June 16, 1953, in Wimbleton, South London
In band: 1971 - 1972
Instruments: Drums, percussion

Malcolm was the drummer on Three Friends. His style is free, quirky and complex, an intriguing contrast to the more straightahead playing of both his predecessor Martin Smith and his successor John Weathers.

Malcolm left Gentle Giant following a motorcycle accident after the album was released.

After Gentle Giant

After Malcolm recovered from the accident, he joined G.T. Moore and the Reggae Guitars. In 1996, Malcolm played drums on the latest Chris Jagger CD, Rock the Zydeco. And in 2000, he played percussion on Arthur Brown's "Tantric Lover." In 2008, he played with Rentle Giant, which has become Three Friends.

In 2020, Malcolm began playing drums with Colosseum.

Malcolm's web site is