Legends of Rock: The British Rock Invasion

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Legends Of Rock: The British Rock Invasion

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Legends Of Rock: The British Rock Invasion (1999)

<A NAME="ABOUT">About the Album</A>

A multi-artist sampler CD with one Gentle Giant track, released as Petrock PET-CD-60046.

(Thanks to Claude Wacker for the above information.)

<A NAME="TRACKS">Track List</A>

  1. Uriah Heep - Seven Stars
  2. Humble Pie - Thirty Days In The Hole
  3. Greg Lake - Parisienne Walkways
  4. Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Lucky Man
  5. Motorhead - Another Perfect Day
  6. GTR - Roundabout
  7. John Entwistle - Boris The Spider
  8. Renaissance - Carpet Of The Sun
  9. Gentle Giant - <A HREF="in.a.glass.house.html#EXPERIENCE">Experience</A>
  10. Rick Wakeman - The Forrest