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Gentle Giant played more than 30 instruments in concert.

By type

Instrument Family
Acoustic guitar Guitars
Bass guitar Guitars
Cello Strings
Clavinet Keyboards
Drum kit Percussion
Electric guitar Guitars
Mellotron Keyboards
Organ Keyboards
Recorder Winds
Saxophone Brass
Shulberry Guitars
String bass Strings
Synthesizers Keyboards
Tambourine Percussion
Trumpet Brass
Vibes Percussion
Violin Strings
Voice Vocals

By member

From the UK music weekly, "Sounds," on 1 May 1976, as itemized by Phil Sutcliffe. Contributed by Jeff Oliver.

Gary Green

  • Gibson Les Paul Original
  • Fender Telecaster
  • Hagstrom 12 string
  • Fender 12 string
  • Yamaha acoustic
  • H and H amp (not the same as "H the H")
  • 1 RSD 4 x 12 speaker cabinet
  • 1 RSD 1 x 15 speaker cabinet
  • MXR Phase 90
  • Fender volume pedal/cry baby wah wah pedals

Ray Shulman

  • Fender precision bass
  • Fender stratocaster
  • Yamaha acoustic
  • Trumpet (old)
  • Cry Baby wah wah pedal on bass
  • Cry Baby wah wah pedal on violin
  • Modified Revox violin system
  • 1 RSD 1 x 15 forward facing
  • 1 RSD 1 x 15 rear facing
  • Peavey standard amp.

Kerry Minnear

  • Hammond C3 + Leslie 122RV speaker system
  • Wurlitzer electric piano
  • Hohner D6 clavinet
  • Minimoog model D
  • Viscount vibraphone
  • Obscure cello
  • Fender Stratocaster

John Weathers

  • Very old Ludwig super classic kit (that's a set to you US guys)
  • Glockenspiel
  • Vibraphone

Derek Shulman

  • Selmer Pennsylvania alto sax


  • All play recorders except John
  • All do percussion/vocals
  • PA - RSD custom PA system, 6000 watts
  • 30 channel quad desk

The article doesn't mention John's baseball cap, Derek's overly tight one piece jumpsuit, or Ray's grimace as he played.