Il Grande Rock

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<A HREF="../pix/big/ilg.jpg"><IMG SRC="../pix/ilg.jpg" ALT="[Cover]" WIDTH=180 HEIGHT=180></A>

Il Grande Rock (1991)

<A NAME="ABOUT">About the Album</A>

An Italian compilation with material from the first four albums. Released by De Agostini, catalog number CDDEA 2243. This is the CD version of the vinyl compilation <A HREF="il.rock.html">Il Rock</A>, with a different cover.

<A NAME="TRACKS">Track List</A>

  1. <A HREF="gentle.giant.html#GIANT">Giant</A>
  2. <A HREF="gentle.giant.html#FUNNY WAYS">Funny Ways</A>
  3. <A HREF="gentle.giant.html#NOTHING AT ALL">Nothing At All</A>
  4. <A HREF="octopus.html#THE ADVENT OF PANURGE">The Advent Of Panurge</A>
  5. <A HREF="acquiring.the.taste.html#ACQUIRING THE TASTE">Acquiring The Taste</A>
  6. <A HREF="octopus.html#THE BOYS IN THE BAND">The Boys
  7. <A HREF="acquiring.the.taste.html#PANTAGRUEL'S NATIVITY">Pantagruel's Nativity</A>
  8. <A HREF="octopus.html#RACONTEUR TROUBADOUR">Raconteur Troubadour</A>
  9. <A HREF="acquiring.the.taste.html#THE MOON IS DOWN">The Moon Is Down</A>
  10. <A HREF="acquiring.the.taste.html#PLAIN TRUTH">Plain Truth</A>

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