Gentle Giant discography

All Gentle Giant albums.

The Original 12 Albums

Gentle Giant released 11 studio albums and one live album during their career from 1970 to 1980.

Gentle Giant
Acquiring the Taste
Three Friends
In a Glass House
The Power and the Glory
Free Hand
Playing the Fool: The Official Live
The Missing Piece
Giant for a Day

Later Releases

Gentle Giant's popularity rose again in the 1990s and beyond, as these later releases (and some new compilations and tribute albums) attest. Each of these contains unreleased material from Gentle Giant's lifetime.

In Concert
Out of the Woods
The Last Steps
Under Construction
King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents
Out of the Fire
Totally Out of the Woods
Live in Rome 1974
In'terview in Concert
In a Palesport House
Artistically Cryme
Endless Life
The Missing Face
Part of Their Past
Scraping the Barrel
Playing the Cleveland
Live in New York 1975
Live in Santa Monica 1975
Live in Stockholm '75
King Alfred's College Winchester
Memories Of Old Days (album)
Live at the Bicentennial
Three Piece Suite
Unburied Treasure

Compilation Albums

Numerous collections and greatest hits albums have appeared over the years.

Gentle Giant & Three Friends
Giant Steps - The First Five Years
Giant Edits
Pretentious - For the Sake of It
Gentle Giant (Motive)
Gentle Giant (Super Star)
The Original Studio Gentle Giant, Vol 1
The Original Studio Gentle Giant, Vol 2
Inside Gentle Giant
Circling Round the Gentle Giant
Il Rock
Il Grande Rock
Champions of Rock
Edge of Twilight
Gentle Giant & In'terview
Free Hand & In'terview
The Missing Piece & Giant for a Day
Playing the Fool & Civilian
The Essential of Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant & Acquiring the Taste
Gentle Giant & Octopus
Three Friends & Octopus
Three Friends & Free Hand
Octopus & The Power and the Glory
In a Glass House & Interview
The Missing Piece & Giant for a Day (Russian)
Way of Life
I Lost My Head (The Chrysalis Years 1975-1980)
Gentle Giant/Acquiring the Taste
Three Friends/Octopus
Unburied Treasure CD sampler

Unofficial Recordings on LP or CD

These recordings are legal in some countries, but not in others. See my bootleg policy.

Amongst the Darkers
Playing the Foole - A Stake in the Heart
Playing the Foole in Wonderland
The Last Giant Step
Giant Steps Forward
Electronic Genius
Ultrasonic 75
Glass House Tour '74
Toad in the Hole
In'terview in Concert (bootleg)
In a Palesport House (bootleg)
Playing for Fools
Prologue (bootleg)
Artistically Cryme (bootleg)
Dog's Life (bootleg)
Gentle Giant Complete MP3's
The Missing Face (bootleg)
Playing the Cleveland (bootleg version)
Endless Life (bootleg)
Santa Monica Freeway
The Missing Piece Tour
Baltimore 1975
Azrael's Tear
Hollywood Bowl
Czech Out
Live Quebec 1973 Palais Montcalm
The WLIR FM Sessions
City Hermit: British Radio Sessions & Rare Early Tracks 1970-1972

Tribute Albums

These albums contain Gentle Giant compositions played by other artists, or music based on Gentle Giant samples. Also see some GG tribute bands, a list of artists who covered Gentle Giant, and albums by members of GORGG.

Giant Tracks
Giant for a Life
Ibrido Hot Six Plays Acquiring The Taste
The Other Face of the Gentle Giant - Live

Sampler Albums

Gentle Giant pieces have been included in some multi-artist sampler albums.

Do It Rock
The Vertigo Trip
Suck It and See
The Progressives
J. L. Marsh & Musicland "Sampler"
What's in Store for You No. 2
What's in Store for You No. 3
T'anks for the Mammaries
Hotter and Tighter
Hot Shots
Rock Legends
Rock Heroes
Der Sampler 33
Classics and Rarities 1969-1973 Volume One
Munich City Nights
And the Heavens Cried
Supernatural Fairy Tales
Prog Rock Anthems
Symphonic Rock
The Show that Never Ends
Still Dizzy After All These Years
Legends of Rock: The Progressive Rockers
Legends of Rock: The British Rock Invasion
Best of Progressive Rock
I Love You
Lost Gems
Art Rock Live
Best Prog Album in the World Ever
Easy Rider
Life:Styles Vol.3 Compiled by Kenny Dope
Greatest Hits of Acid Rock
Dock Rock presents Classic Rock Weekend
Prog Rocks
Greatest Ever! Prog Rock, The Definitive Collection


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