Gentle Giant Home Page:Privacy policy

Privacy on Gentle Giant Home Page is governed by the following policy:

This site does NOT...

  1. Keep track of the people who access the site, unless they request a username and password.
  2. Require you to identify yourself. However, if you sign up with a username and password, you may choose to identify yourself.
  3. Give or sell its access statistics to anybody else. However, some statistics are available from the special pages that any visitor may access.
  4. Accept payment for advertising.

This site DOES...

  1. Keep track of which pages are accessed, and how many times. You can see the access count at the bottom of every page.
  2. Keep track of who makes every edit. By obtaining a username and password, you are agreeing that all your edits may be tracked, including who made them, the date and time, and what was changed.
  3. Keep track of which Internet domains are accessing the site. For instance, if you are, the site records will show that accessed the site, but they do NOT show (or know) that it was john.smith. (Domain tracking is built into every web server in existence, to my knowledge.)
  4. Respect your privacy.