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This page is devoted to music written by fans of Gentle Giant. All of these people are on the Internet and interested in discussing their music.

This web site is not financially associated with any of these artists or albums, the listings below are free, and in many cases the entries are written by the artists themselves.

  • Advent (, consisting of Henry Ptak, Alan Benjamin, Mark Ptak, and Drew Siciliano, was created out of a common interest in Gentle Giant. They write and record progressive rock music which draws upon many different influences (anywhere from English and Italian Renaissance music to church motets, from sea chanteys to film scores and such bands as Giant, Genesis and Procol Harum). They also attempt to make vocal work a highlight in the songs as well.
  • Afroskull ( is a New York-based funk/rock band that draws from the sounds of Gentle Giant, Frank Zappa, Black Sabbath, and New Orleans funk. Their latest CD, To Obscurity and Beyond, was released in November 2009.
  • Blissful Behemoth ( performs original progressive rock as well as Gentle Giant and other prog rock covers. Behemoth originals like As Young as I'm Old, Giant for Another Hour, Giantessence and Giantology parody GG's style, sound, arrangements, and other idiosyncrasies. Their music is available on the Blissful Behemoth album and GORGG CD series. Behemoth songs are written and produced by Adam Levin, who is delighted to re-connect with his prog-inine side and nurture his inner Giant!
  • Martin Boere ( has uploaded a number of instrumental compositions on YouTube, titled 'giant thing 1', 'giant thing 2' etc., which are based on the concept of polyphonic rock as it has been established by GG. Random melodic patterns and an occasional main theme from GG songs have been used to give shape to every piece.
  • Dan Bornemark ( has created a children's album, Fruktsallad ("Fruit Salad"), with each piece based on a different kind of fruit and played in a different style (e.g., "Mango Tango"). Ray Shulman of Gentle Giant plays violin on one track! See Dan's web site at
  • Bubblemath ( is a Minneapolis band dedicated to the propagation and continued survival of non-stupid music. Incorporating odd time signatures, quirky chord progressions, and unexpected textures, Bubblemath produces music with an emphasis on compositional integrity. More information at
  • Marc Chauvette ( makes intricate prog style music with a Gentle Giant influence with his band, Swordfish Museum. Hear a sample.
  • Hal Darling ( produces an intense, complex, progressive fusion of rock, jazz and classical elements that is both expressive and powerfully electric, with an emphasis on musicianship. Strongly influenced by and often reminiscent of the music of Gentle Giant.
  • Dick Dammit ( makes music that melts together Contemporary Classical, Swing-era Jazz and Pop a la Henry Mancini. It comes out sounding not at all like GG - but his interest in GG was their originality and he hopes to carry on THAT spirit. Visit his web site at
  • Michael P. Dawson ( creates dizzyingly complex and adventurous electronic chamber music, rooted equally in 20th century classical and progressive rock concepts. Sound samples and reviews of Dawson's CD The Brandnewbug Concertos can be found at
  • Joachim Griebe ( is a producer and songwriter, showing his Gentle Giant influences mainly in his work as a writer for film and commercial spot music. Learn more at
  • Evan K. Harrington ( The music on the Evan's Chimera CD, called Book of Influences, was composed as a tribute to his favourite musicians/composers, of the 'progressive' era, including Gentle Giant, Anthony Phillips, Henry Cow, Genesis, etc. An 8 min 24 sec instrumental composition entitled "Pan" should be of particular interest to Gentle-Giant-trained ears, as it seeks to explore a panorama of their styles. More at
  • Joe Jaworski ( is an unpublished songwriter with strong roots in Gentle Giant and Jethro Tull. Visit his works at
  • Kenneth Jonsson ( creates polyrhythmic and polytempic music, inspired by Gentle Giant and Conlon Nancarrow. Visit his web site at
  • Mike Keneally has been darting in and out of the public eye since 1988, when he was guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist for Frank Zappa's last tour. (In the summer of 1978 Mike taught himself the guitar parts of every Gentle Giant song then available, and treasures the experience.) Nowadays he's been releasing solo albums and collaborating with Henry Kaiser, Andy West and Prairie Prince.
  • Adam Levin ( is a songwriter-keyboardist in New York. He wrote and recorded a GG tribute song entitled "As Young as I'm Old", which parodies their style, sound and song titles, and quotes some of their music. His earlier, recorded song "ver bal o sis" also bears GG's stamp, as do some of his instrumentals. He has adapted and performed a faithful version of "Memories of Old Days" with singer-keyboardist Wendy Boulding. His above original works, along with a progressive rock trivia quiz, can be accessed via his website
  • Amit Lissack ( thinks that other Gentle Giant fans would appreciate the spirit of his music, its sophistication and wit. More info at
  • Love Said Demeter ( is a five-piece psychedelic jazz/rock band from Chicago, IL. Their sound draws from the pool of mythology, culture, and organic energy present in everyone and everything. One is left with a greater understanding, somehow, of themselves, others, the past, the future, the present. More information at
  • Alex Lozupone ( lists Gentle Giant among many many influences that pop up every now and then. Other styles mixed in are Celtic, funk(adelic), metal, and just plain boredom. More at
  • Guy Manning ( has released five albums on CYCLOPS Records, UK. See
  • Jeff McClelland ( is a progressive rock/fusion multi-instrumentalist whose music is most readily described as "not sounding like Pearl Jam." He is a huge Gentle Giant fan and his home-made version of [../albums/acquiring.the.taste.html#PANTAGRUEL'S NATIVITY Pantagruel's Nativity] will be appearing on the forthcoming GG tribute album, [../albums/giant.tracks.html Giant Tracks]. More info is available at
  • Paul McCoy ( is a solo musician who writes and records instrumental progressive rock. He plays guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. More information at
  • Pariassound ( from Sweden plays music with mixed styles influence by Gentle Giant. More at
  • Music By Accident ( Mostly experimental, often instrumental, long time friends and prog lovers have a 20+ year stockpile of audio examples that are beginning to hit the streets. Review of the song Diane: Randy Hiatt is the performer of this great tune, which is a dreamy, moody instrumental. Intriguing guitar soundscapes and melodic approach. More at
  • Steffen Presley ( has just released his third solo album, Behind the Shadow, a CD of virtuoso music for solo and accompanied piano. Of this work, Titus Levi of Keyboard Magazine (Oct.'96) says: "His ideas are pointedly imaginative...convincingly solid technique." For more information, visit Steffen's production company, Endless Productions, on the web at
  • Osmo Tapio Räihälä ( is a Finnish composer of contemporary art music. Has written mainly chamber music for acoustic instruments and some orchestral music. Very much inspired, if not influenced, by the mastery of Gentle Giant.
  • Gordon Raphael ( has been in the group Sky Cries Mary for the last 7 years. He is a keyboardist, guitarist and composer who has been a huge GG fan since 1975. His compositions incorporate a huge variety of styles, other instruments and recording techniques. Some of his progressive influences can be heard poking through the last four Sky Cries Mary albums, but he is now persuing his own stuff which might be described as "Ella Fitzgerald singing with Nine Inch Nails," or perfect, emotional female voice with deranged synth wizard freaking out all over the place. He welcomes inquiries and email from bona-fide Gentle Giant appreciators.
  • Rascal Reporters ( are a quirky duo from Michigan that have been recording since the mid-seventies. On their sixth album, 2001's "The Foul-Temprered Clavier," their GG & Zappa influences really shine through their dense & witty instrumental compositions. More at
  • Rebel Wheel ( plays modern progressive rock and fusion instrumentals on MIDI, electric and acoustic instruments. More at
  • Redrick Sultan plays complex jazzy/funky/proggy/spacey music influenced by the likes of Gentle Giant and other great band. More at MySpace.
  • Rhoadsmith ( composes and records music on computers in a wide range of styles, from simple ballad-type pieces to very complex and disjointed compositions. Visit his web site at
  • Ray Roehner ( has just released a tribute album to Jethro Tull, entitled Somewhere in the Universe. Read all about it on his Web page,
  • Jordan Rudess creates progressive rock with lots of colorful sounds, intensity and rhythmic variety. He reports that Gentle Giant was one of his biggest influences. His latest project is a duo with Dregs drummer Rod Morgenstein, with an expected release date of early 1997.
  • Saga was heavily influenced by Gentle Giant, even writing a song called "Giant." Visit for more information.
  • Science Friction ( with Steve Siers (a.k.a., QUAD) is a prog/space band. Their web site features RealAudio samples of tracks from their release "Freudian Slips." GG fans are welcome to visit and email any feedback:
  • Stars in Battledress ( is the eccentric English duo of brothers Richard and James Larcombe. They make a very unique progressive folky classical type of music that somehow sounds very English. The appeal to Gentle Giant fans will probably be their use of complex rhythmic arrangements and bizarre vocal melodies. for MP3's, or to purchase the album.
  • Ian Zapczynski ( produces instrumental music that, while sometimes flawed, manages to try to remain on a progressive edge. All of his music has been recorded in his home. Check out his Web page at
  • Mark Willis presents Plastic Mantras at