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| image=dogslife.jpg
| image=dogslife.jpg
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= About The Album =
= About The Album =

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For other uses of "Dog's Life", see Dog's Life (disambiguation).
Album Information:
Title: Dog's Life (bootleg album)
Artist: Gentle Giant
Year: 2000
Type: unofficial
live recording

Help! Can anyone supply a better picture of the cover? (See contributing material.)

About The Album

This is a CD-R of a live recording from May 24, 1980, at at Calderone Concert Hall. It is the same concert date as the bootleg The Last Giant Step, with the tracks in a slightly different order. According to Geir Hasnes, the CD cover is actually a Roger Dean cover for Third Ear Band's album "Music from Macbeth."

The included four-page booket says:

  Produced by Gentle Giant for P&O Inc.
  All Graphics made by Rhineswine
  Thanks for Bavarian Inspiration to Carsten S.
  Enjoy the Show!!!!!
  Total running time: 76 minutes
  Manufactured by Pantagruel & Octopus, Order No. P&O CD 002

Track List

  1. Introduction/Convenience
  2. All Through The Night
  3. Free Hand
  4. Old and New Sox
  5. Memories Of Old Days
  6. Knots / Playing the Game
  7. Giant For A Day
  8. Inside Out
  9. It's Not Imagination
  10. Underground with drums
  11. For Nobody
  12. The Advent Of Panurge
  13. Number One


These People made them scream and shout...

Derek Shulman spread the message
Ray Shulman plonked the 4-string
Gary Green beat some wood
Kerry Minnear fondled the keys
John P. Weathers hit the skin