Come and Praise

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Album Information:
Title: Come and Praise
Artist: The Reapers
Year: 1984
Type: official release

About the Album

Thanks to Paolo Chiorino for alerting us about this album.

Track List

Side 1:

  1. Come And Praise The Living God
  2. Sing Praises Unto God / Break Forth And Sing For Joy
  3. Ah, Lord God / Let God Arise
  4. We Must Believe
  5. Jesus Thou Art Precious / River Wash Over Me / Pierce My Ear
  6. Jesus Is Here

Side 2:

  1. Mount Zion
  2. I Will Rejoice / Hasn't The Lord Been Good
  3. With Joy You Shall Draw Water
  4. Steadfast Love / We Give Thanks
  5. When I Look Into Your Holiness
  6. Lift Up Your Heads / God Of Glory