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Avalanche was a band in which Kerry Minnear played. Lesley Minnear relayed the following story on 15 February 2001:

"Kerry enjoyed a brief but uneasy flirtation with ]'Avalanche' in or around 1985. Peter Skellern was in the line-up, but I can't remember (probably never knew) the other guys. There was no tour - just a couple of rehearsals and an embarrassing gig at Ronnie Scotts in London. There may have been one or two other venue's, but the guys didn't gel, and as far as I know they didn't go on to do anything else in that format. Somewhere there could be a tape of a rehearsal, but no official recordings. I'll check this out with Kerry, but I'm pretty sure this information is accurate. (I couldn't remember that they called themselves Avalanche for instance, but the info you gave fits the events, so that must have been them!)"